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 SEPTEMBER 2012 ISSUE:  Why modern tomatoes taste like cardboard! June bearing versus ever bearing strawberries. Science corner – a link to a great article on epigenetics.

JULY 2012 ISSUE: More on Tomato hornworms. Controlling cucumber beetles.  Science corner – bugs develop pesticide resistance.  Controlling tomato diseases with Copper Fungicide.

JUNE 2012 ISSUE:  Slugs – how to deal with and control them. Everything you ever wanted to know about SPINOSAD. Saving seeds – how long will they last?

APRIL 2012 ISSUE: The Manchester refugee agriculture program.

MARCH 2012 ISSUE: Beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizae.

FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUE: Soil science – the earth’s fragile soil layer and its role in climate change.

JANUARY 20112 ISSUE: Heart Healthy diet choices for everyone.

DECEMBER 2011 ISSUE:  Preparedness 101 survival seminar.

NOVEMBER  2011 ISSUE: Growing systems defined – Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Vermiponics, Bioponics. Eutrophication – what it is and why it is so important.

OCTOBER 2011 ISSUE: Tomato hornworm control – a follow-up article. Getting the garden ready for fall. Maximizing your Brussels sprout harvest. The herbicde IMPRELIS and its potentially deadly (to your garden) impact on the compost you might use. Wild mushrooms – why you should think twice before you eat them.  Read this article.

AUGUST 2011 ISSUE: Dealing with cucumber and squash beetles – links to Cornell University. More on dealing with and tracking late blight. How the widespread use of herbicides is causing immunity in many weed varieties.

JULY 2011 ISSUE: Tomato growing tips. Dealing with tomato diseases. Pesticides and bees.

MAY 2011 ISSUE:  Don’t plant too early. The effects of cold soil on seedlings.

APRIL 2011 ISSUE: Soil borne diseases. How to protect against them both when you are growing your Spring seedlings and growing your summer garden crops.  Also, beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae – what they are and why “living soil” is so important. Read this article.

MARCH 2011 ISSUE: Your complete guide to starting and raising seedlings. Make sure to read this article! Also – vitamin D enhanced mushrooms. 

FEBRUARY 2011 ISSUE: Planning your spring garden -crop rotation, varieties, space restrictions, sources for hyigh quality seeds. Plus, does your garden get enough sunlight for the varieties you want to plant?. Here’s how to find out. 

DECEMBER 2010 ISSUE: The Birth of the PHOTORON and THE VEGGIE CLINIC. Also, the recipe for Loretta’s famous mushroom, barley, garlic, sweet potato soup/stew. 

NOVEMBER 2010 ISSUE:  Planting and growing garlic. Just about everything you ever wanted to/need to know about compost piles. This should be a must read! A discussion of the increasing use of systemic pesticides – these don’t wash off! 

OCTOBER 2010 ISSUE:  Understanding the science and health impact of the oils we use in cooking,  salads and baking. Another highly suggested read. 

SEPTEMBER 10TH 2010 ISSUE: The basics of composting. A discussion of some of the most effective cancer risk reducing practices we can incorporate into our lives. 

SEPTEMBER 1 2010 ISSUE:  How to prepare your garden for the fall and winter. What to put in and  what to take out. Crops you can plant for fall harvest both in the ground and in low tunnels. Also, a discussion of how to retain the most nutrients in your food when you cook.                             

AUGUST 2010 ISSUE:  The science of how and why tomatoes ripen.  

JULY 25TH 2010 ISSUE: Tomato blossom end rot and those wonderful tomato horn worms. 

JULY 7TH 2010 ISSUE:  Understanding how plants use water and how we aid them or hinder them in the process. Also, bugs, blights and bacteria – their prevention and control. Plus a discussion of mosquito control options. 

JUNE 2010 ISSUE:  All you need to know about container growing. Another must read. 

MAY 2010 ISSUE: The importance of soil temperature. 

APRIL 26TH 2010 ISSUE:  Plant nutrition 101. A must read! 

APRIL 15TH 2010 ISSUE:  Pressure treated wood and its use in gardening.

MARCH 18th 2010 ISSUE:  Soil science 101. A must read! 

MARCH 1 2010 ISSUE: Understanding pH and its critical role in successful growing. Plus, the use of   wood ashes on the garden – should you or shouldn’t you? A must read! 

FEBRUARY 10TH 2010:  The science, biology and health benefits of mushrooms. 

FEBRUARY 6TH 2010 ISSUE: Plant genetics 101 – understanding open pollinated, hybrids and GMOs. What they mean to our vegetable gardens, our health and the environment. A must read. 

JANUARY 20TH 2010 ISSUE:  Food for friends.

JANUARY 15th 2010 ISSUE:  Low tunnels. 

JANUARY 5TH, 2010 ISSUE: Planning for spring.

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