Gourmet Mushrooms

Approximately 5 years ago, David “Dr. Tomato” O’Connor became intrigued by the concept of growing edible mushrooms right at Castle Anam Cara. The original intent was to grow them for personal consumption and winter storage. Like virtually everything he encounters, the SCIENCE of mushrooms and their production soon occupied quite a lot of his thought process.

After nearly 5 years of research and experimentation, David now produces many pounds of high quality, superior grade gourmet mushrooms every week – YEAR ROUND. He uses only the finest, certified pure strain mycelium available. In addition, all ingredients in the process are ORGANIC! NONE of the mushrooms produced by MYCO-ANGELO are foraged. NONE of them are wild.

David’s mushrooms have won accolades from such noted chefs as MaryAnn Esposito. Recently, he was awarded the Editor’s Pick for BEST IN NEW HAMPSHIRE by New Hampshire Magazine.

Generally, MYCO-ANGELO consistently produces 2 or 3 varieties of Oyster mushrooms, Shiitakes and Lion’s Mane. Research is being done to expand this selection. David is also working on some cutting edge advances which should raise the bar in gourmet mushroom production.

Where does the name MYCO-ANGELO come from? The term MYCO refers to fungi or mushrooms. A person who studies fungi/mushrooms is a MYCOlogist. And who is  everyone’s favorite scientist and artist? MichelANGELO of course! After 5 years of research and experimentation, David learned one thing – that the successful production of high quality, extraordinarily delicious mushrooms is a wonderful, complex mix of ART and SCIENCE.  The Myco and the Angelo.  MYCO-ANGELO Gourmet Mushrooms!

Due to the fact that David has been so busy here at the Veggie Clinic with in house seedling growing and the development of the Blue Seal hydroponic project – he has not been attending local Farmers Markets. However, he is now offering the same commercial mushroom growing blocks that he uses here at The Veggie Clinic directly to you so you can produce award winning mushrooms right in your own home! Get them at the Blue Seal store in Rochester, N.H. Or contact him here at the Veggie Clinic and come pick them up!

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