THE VEGGIE CLINIC was established to provide you – the home or smaller commercial grower – with all the information and support you might need to successfully grow your crops. Agriculture is a “brave new world”. Climate change, water shortages, pollution, genetic techniques, bio engineering, cultural attitudes, economic pressures have all helped change the landscape of the agricultural world forever. Like it or not, we must figure out how to incorporate the new science based advances and techniques into the traditional world of agriculture. The landscape is no longer black and white but rather a field of gray. Every available system, including organic, has benefits and drawbacks in terms of productivity vs. environmental impact vs. human health impact. I will present science data and opinions from both ends of the spectrum in an attempt to better allow you to formulate your opinions and adopt growing techniques. My goal is not to have you agree with everything I say – my goal is to keep you thinking and questioning. The task of growing food for 7,000,000,000 plus people, distributing that food, keeping that food safe all in the face of climate change, water shortages, increasing pest and disease pressure will truly be a monumental task as we progress forward. Keeping an open mind would benefit us all.

Here at THE VEGGIE CLINIC you need no appointment. You can access information at any time. You can write in and ask DR. TOMATO questions. The main goal of THE VEGGIE CLINIC will be to provide all the information you need to establish a home or community garden or successfully start/operate a commercial growing operation. In addition, however, we will try to provide information and resources that we hope will help you live a healthier and happier life. Current medical findings and recommendations, diet and nutrition information, exercise and training, philosophical tidbits, recipes for in season foods, tips on “green living”, and things that we hope will just make you smile.

We believe that, for most people, growing and sharing food has deeper roots than just producing that perfect tomato. Rather, it is about self, family, community connection and our relationship with the natural world. It is about the health of the philosophical mind as well as the physical body. It is about our connection with all of those who came before us and struggled to provide for their families. It is about the connection with the millions of people around the globe who struggle every day to put food on their family’s table.

So walk right into THE VEGGIE CLINIC! Take a little time to explore the various aspects of the sight. Understand that it will be constantly growing. Sign up for the newsletter. Past newsletters are archived and contain articles on everything from soil science and plant genetics to container growing and tomato hornworms! Think of suggestions you might have for making this site a more useful resource for you and others who access it. And spend a little time thinking about what gardening and food really mean to you.

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